A Smarter Way
To Work

We believe in innovation

Mediocrity Is Expensive​. That is why in Sepandar Group, innovation is the key to all our thoughts. We may not need to write a new sentence to express our views, because Daniel Pink has expressed it beautifully.

“Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to one another. And when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives.”

― Daniel H. Pink

We Help you
Grow Your Works

Startups are dynamic environments that will dry up without innovation, what motivated us to establish Sepandar Group is our interest in dynamism. What we provide is a new way of approaching innovation, which focuses on value creation rather than blind investment.

Areas of intrest


Artificial intelligence is our main interest in investing, because today's life requires quick, accurate and smart decisions.


We are currently in the middle of a technological revolution in the capital market, which is why Fintech is a necessity.


Old training methods do not have the necessary efficiency; we are interested in any new training method that helps the evolution of education.


Our current approach to energy consumption is stupid, we are interested in developing smart tools for energy efficiency.


The spread of the Internet of Things is certain, you will not soon find a device that is not connected to the Internet, we will not be out of this circle.


The changing nature of media due to the spread of the Internet and new technologies has led to the need for new ways to influence communities.

make your
greatest impact.

If we seriously work or waste our time, we are influencing the world anyway, why not let us be a constructive impact.

No acceleration program,
No venture capital

We are not an accelerator, nor venture capital, we welcome creative and intelligent entrepreneurs, and help them build great companies, companies that do not have to constantly think about raising new capital, Rather, they can be profitable and useful.

We are flexible.

Build a great company

You do not need to be fancy, what you want is an environment that is conducive to your growth.

We help you grow

If you agree with us, welcome to our team, we will help you grow.

From anywhere,
Be everywhere

We believe that with the expansion of the Internet, companies are no longer limited to geographical environments, a great company is a company that is formed in the cheapest place, and operates all over the world. Our approach is to be global.